Hi, my name is Jakob. I’m an experienced and fast learning full stack developer with experience in the whole web stack.

I’ve worked with web applications since 2006, and have over the years gained a deep understanding of all moving parts. This makes me capable of both grasping and developing complex systems anywhere in the stack, from JavaScript down to the metal.

I’ve implemented algorithmic solutions to increase performance in GIS systems, created JavaScript
widgets, architected and implemented large multi-server systems, and moved hardware between
datacenters in the back of a truck. Lately, I've been involved in several Angular based projects.

I’m fluent in Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML and CSS. Have developed and operated dozens
of web-applications – but, technical stuff aside I care most and foremost about creating well-
designed and useful products.

Currently working on:

You can contact me directly.
e: jakob@aarhusworks.com
twitter: @jakobadam

Check out my Open Source work: